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We have tracks in every genre you might need:

Module 1: Blues

You will know it when youi hear it...smooth and moody

Module 2: Classical

Timeless classics, perfect for mood videos.

Module 3: Country

That familiar sound when the city vibe is just not going to work.

Module 4: Dance and EDM

When you want to convey a vibrant message with energy to spare to your audience, look no further than Dance and EDM. Sample tracks to find the perfect back-track for your project.

Module 5: Drum and Bass

Heavy reverberating bass tracks, perfect for things like "stomp" videos. 

Module 6: Drumstep

High energy music perfect for marketing videos.

Module 7: Dubstep

High energy with a smile. Don't skip exploring these tracks, I am sure you will find a gem that you have been wishing for.

Module 8: Electronic

Wide ranging genre suitable for any type of video or marketing use.

Module 9: Experimental

Lot's of range and effects found in this category. Fresh, envelope-breaking ideas need these sounds to drive home your point. Never disappointing...

Module 10: Folk

Ultimate floor fillers, popular globally and perfect for social media marketing. 

Module 11: Future Bass

Ultimate floor fillers, popular globally and perfect for social media marketing. 

Module 12: Hand-Picked

Mix of genre-bending tracks, can be used for a variety of projects.

Module 13: Hip-Hop

If you want to hit just the right audience, this is sometimes just what you need. Worth listening to these tracks - you might be surprised.

Module 14: House

A mash-up of styles incorporating rap, southern hip hop and EDM.

Module 15: Indie Dance

If your message needs a beat, this is the category to start!

Module 16: Instrumental

There is a little bit of everything here, you really need to sample them all to get the right sound.

Module 17: Jazz

When smooth and classic is what you are looking for, stop here first!

Module 18: Melodic

Flowing, subtle and one of the popular choices for a back track that is subtle.

Module 19: Other

Let's face it, sometimes a track just cannot be put into a category. Looking for a unique sound for a unique message? You just might find a track here.

Module 20: Pop

These tracks will feel at home in almost any video. Good variety and artists make this one of the most popular categories in BackTrack Audio.

Module 21: Progressive House

If you want to push the envelope a bit, get outside of your comfort zone, then you have found your home. 

Module 22: Rock

No explanation is necessary with any of the staples in this collection. Rock on with any of these titles.

Module 23: Trap

We had to leave a surprise somewhere is this list and you have just found it. Listen to the tracks in this category and you will have a smile on your face and a track you will want to use.

Module 24: Uplifting

When your message is hope and opportunity, the odds are that you will find what your project needs within this collection of audio tracks.


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